300W Apollo LED Grow Light

300w Apollo LED Grow Light 300W Apollo LED Grow Light


Why choose Apollo Type led grow light ?

1) The biggest market for this as people like this model.

2) It is most old style in grow light market , the tech is very mature.

3) Full spectrum is available upon request.

4) We consult with hundreds of professional grower for cannabis, Vegetation etc,we also have testing base in Colorado to guarantee we provide the right spectrum, right performance for plant.

quality is super reliable, worry-free led grow light.

It is one of most popular item on the market.

Item No.: SG-CO-300W

Size: 433mmx297mmx70mm

Input Voltage:AC 85-220V

LED: 126pcs x3W

Spectrum: R,B,W,UV,IR (custom)

Rated Power: 378W

Real Power:300W

Umol : 567μMol/s

PAR efficiency: 1.50μMol/s

Carton Size: 41x46x35cm/1pc

G.W: 6.5KGS/1pcs

Warranty: 5 years