50W Round LED Grow Panel

50W round LED Grow Panel 50W Round LED Grow Panel

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Why choose SMD LED Grow Panel ? 

1) SMD led is soldered by SMT machine,

  the quality is much more reliable.

2) With reflector, the light is more focusing and better growing result. 

3)  Heat sinking is much better than DIP LED unit,  No burn out , no broken for led . ( old one with long feet, still selling on the market , a lot of problem proven these years  )  


50W   SMD LED Grow Panel  


Item No. :SG-06B

Item Type:  50 W LED Grow Panel

Light Power: 50W

Umol :   67.95   μMol/s

PAR efficiency: 1.50 μMol/s

LED Amount: 250 pcs

LED Power: 0.12W

Beam Angle:120 degree

Input Voltage: AC85V-265V

Lifespan: 50,000h

Color: Silver

Proportion: Red: Blue=82: 30 (customized)

Working Temperature: -20°-40°c

Working time: 10-14Hours /day

Item size:330mm*330mm*36mm

Package Size:

Outer box: 49.0*42.0*37.50CM  10PCS/Carton

Net Weight:11 KG

Gross Weight: 12KG / (10pcs)

 Warranty: 5 years  

 Package Contents

1 * LED Grow Light 
1 * Mounting Hardware Set 
1 * User Guide