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About the Owner

Port About the Owner

factory owner of led grow lights

Name : Frank lee


I am very open-minded person, helpful , active and kind.  I am full of energy and passion, also very calm and positive person.  For business, very enterprising and hardworking.


1) I like swimming, climbing .

 I used to swim every day when I studied in high School.

2)  Very loyal Buddhist 

I have been  to most of the holy sites of Buddhism in China, believe ” you harvest that you seed ” in all of my life.  Try to help others once  they need , I hope that I can donate more money for charity in the near future.

Heying About the Owner


3) Very loyal environmentalist 

I worship the nature, love the nature and advocate green life.  I want to do more to protect the earth and make it more green, this is why I love led industry and educational projects.

工作过的学校 worked in the school before1 About the Owner

4) Like making true friends all over the world 

I like to make friends with the people from all over the world,  I would like to make friends with you whatever you status, wealth, religion, race etc.

I love sharing my experiences with my friends , never care about my gain and lost.  I already joined many Chambers of Commerce in ShenZhen, with wide connections in business fields.


Polland 波兰朋友 About the Owner

Poland friend more than 15 years

wonder3 About the Owner

Norway friend

5)  I love travelling

 I want to tour the whole world in these years, business mix with travelling. I already visited more than 30 countries in the world, so very international and understand the different cultures  and even the way of business.

阿姆斯特丹 Amsterdam 2 1024x768 About the Owner


Eiffel tower 1024x764 About the Owner


DSC00008 1024x768 About the Owner

Friend in Pittsburg


 New Partner of SeeGree 

 Martin 768x1024 About the Owner

  Martin  Haffner   from CA   , the new investor of SeeGree  

 We are very pleased to announce we have new investment partner, Martin Haffner from California. As a result of this new partnership, we are able to expand our production and increase our production quality.

Martin will also add new western touch to our company so we can trade more effectively with our clients in the West. We are very excited to have him on the board.

Rios owner of led grow lights 1006x1024 About the Owner

           Rios from Chicago           Marketing manager 

With rich experience for marketing in America, Rios also live in China for long time, he  quite understands the Chinese culture, he will combine the western idea with Chinese traditions and make very special market idea.