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About us

Why do you need to choose SeeGree for led grow lights?

1.  We are in this field for more than 10 years, very professional for tech of led grow lights.

factory of led grow lights About us

                                Our factory hall

2. We know the market very well,  our owner have been to

more than 15 countries to investigate the market of led grow lights.

office of led grow lights About us

                                   Sales office

3. We have testing base for the growing medical plants  in

Colorado state to guarantee that our spectrum and quality

 are right there for the medical  plants.

testing base for led grow lights About us

                           Testing area in Colorado

testing grow base of led grow lights About us

                         Testing area in Colorado  

4. Our spectrum is unique as we have testing base in Colorado and we always  update it  according to the new change.


5. We have systematic quality control system and guarantee the quality of the lights.

aging house of led grow lights About us

6. Very international vision about the business as our owner have been to more than 30 countries in the world. Our sales team are very international, they are from different countries of the world.

sales of led grow lights 1024x768 About us

                           We mean business!  

History of the factory :

 1) In 2006, the owner of SeeGree helped the owner of BSled  to  build up  first factory for led grow lights. 

2) In 2008,  the owner of SeeGree built up the CT Lighting and managed the factory for more than 5 years. all the products are led grow lights.

3) In 2011,  Seegree was built for led grow lights again.


LED Grow Panel,  LED Grow Lights, Traditional led grow light,  Grow-fast light, Trump led grow light etc. 

If you are looking for the best LED grow lights, we glad you came here!

We already designed and produced thousands and thousands of led grow lights in the past ten years. Our team has thoroughly  tested tons of grow lights on the market for cannabis and other types of plants vegetation.

Our clients  have been in the marijuana growing business for many years and are qualified to give their expert opinion on helping you find the best LED grow lights.

We are here is debunk a lot of myths and offer you material and information that is actually useful to you. Basically, if you are reading reviews where people are barely talking much about details, they are most likely incompetent about this subject.